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A combination of flowering shrubs planted in a row to create a colorful hedge, a shelter for birds & insects as well as providing privacy. The shrubs provide blooms from late February until the end of summer. The fully grown height in cms for each is: A: Buddliea- Pink 125-150, B: Forsythia Spectabilis - golden 150-250, C: Spirea Arguta - white 150-200, D: Ceanothus Yankee Point - Blue 125-150, E: Weigelia - burgundy red 125-175. Source:

from SF Gate

Fast Growing Privacy Shrubs

Fast growing evergreen shrubs can provide a dense privacy screen all year long. Privacy hedges also serve as windbreaks, reduce street noise and block unwanted views. While evergreen shrubs provide ...

The best shrubs for privacy grow densely, require little maintenance and block a view completely. There are two kinds of privacy shrubs - those that are evergreen and those that are deciduous and lose their leaves each fall. Decide which type will work best for your yard.

A hedge of Thuja has been planted between these homes instead of a fence in order to provide a more natural form of privacy. Sometimes shrubs make for a more desirable and friendly fence when attempting to establish privacy in an older neighborhood.

Here is a great list of the best shrubs to plant for privacy from neighbors with an added bonus of being low-maintenance and high impact long lasting color plant that provides a dense foliage living wall. Even a living growing line of shrubs can act like a fence…. good fences make good neighbors. Shrubs grow …

Pine wattle fencing (or wicket fencing if you’re in the UK) is a fun family project. Many trees and shrubs are suitable for the materials and it is a totally hands-on experience. In fact, there’s not a nail to be found. If you’re looking for better privacy and security, head over to our “Fences” gallery on our site at