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REVIEW: Sia Confronts 1000 Forms of Fear on New Album

(Sia, 1000 Forms of Fear) I love this album, "Fair Game" is wonderful as well as "Chandlier", "Dressed in Black" and well the entire album!

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I like this album Sia made! My top songs are 1. Breath me 2. Alive 3. Cheap thrills

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Fave-Songs: Bird Set Free - One Million Bullets - Unstoppable - House On Fire - Footprints - Broken Glass - Space Between

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"The Greatest" by Sia Kendrick Lamar was added to my Easy Listening playlist on Spotify

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Sia and her face in my opinion are beautiful together!!!! - SIA YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE !!!!

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Sia's New Album Launched 1000 Forms of Fears

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Big Girls Cry when their hearts are Sia This album spoke to my soul, the lyrics. . Videos. . Everything. It's art. Imitating life. Mine.

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