Siberia season 2

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Reminds me of a scene in The Jacket (2005), a scene with Adrien Brody and Jennifer Jason Lee. The film, incidentally, was loosely inspired by The Star Rover by Jack London (1915).

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Winter can mean different things, depending on where you are. It rages most fiercely in the north – in Scandinavia, Siberia, Alaska or Canada – and in the extreme south, the Antarctic. In these places, winter is the darkest season. The Norwegian v...

Toastus bernadettus Discovered in the mountains of Siberia in 1886 by the explorer and botanist Père Emboden, Toastus bernadettus was brought back to Europe as a gift for his wife Bernadette, in an attempt to win her back after he accidentally backed over her cat with his horse and carriage. T. bernadettus is now cultivated all over the world, not only for its aesthetic qualities and pleasant fragrance, but also for its medicinal properties. During its flowering season (June to September)…

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