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Sick Pay Entitlement

The Government is extending its Novopay remediation programme by two months, while 4400 school staff are still battling to receive correct holiday pay and sick pay entitlements.

On top of your employer's vacation, sick pay, or other time off programs, you may be legally entitled to leave from work. Learn more about the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), military leave, parental leave, domestic violence leave,

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!!!!!!!!!!!Check if you're entitled to sick pay - Citizens Advice

Narcissists are always on the prowl for people to exploit so that the narcissist can gain things she thinks she's entitled to such as status and money. Narcissists want you to do a bunch of work on their behalf in return for a pat on the head once a month when the narcissist is bored. Let the loser #narcissist find some other sucker. Do NOTHING for the narcissist.

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The first charter school will be open and ready in time for term one next year in New Zealand after controversial legislation was passed in Parliament last night....

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On 1/10/2013 the Agricultural Workers Board (AWB) was abolished & superseded by ordinary employment legislation. The abolition means that employers will now have to be more actively engaged in agreeing contracts of employment & matters like pay, holiday entitlement & sick pay. Read more on

Uber facing hundreds more claims from drivers for back pay

November 2016: An Uber driver. Uber facing hundreds more claims from drivers for back pay

Ever wondered if you are entitled to not pay VAT on TENS or Muscle Stims? Here is some guidance on it. Eligibility for VAT Exemption (UK and Northern Ireland residents only) You are entitled to VAT relief on the purchase of your TENS unit if you are chronically sick or have a disabling condition and you are buying them for your own domestic or personal use. For more information please look at our blog at

This is OUR money held in trust by the government for repayment. Just because our government chooses to give our money away to others who do not deserve it...our money is NOT an entitlement!

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