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When you’re coping with chemotherapy or radiation treatments, it helps to know that they are targeting cancer cells to pave the way for your recovery. Unfortunately, these therapies can also kill normal cells, causing side effects that reduce your appetite. You may need a new diet strategy to make sure you get the nutrition you need.

Radiotherapy Treatment for Prostate Cancer Side Effects urdu

Your urologist will refer you to the Cranford Office of Premier Urology Group. Here, you will see in consultation one of our highly experienced Radiation Oncologists, a board-certified physician who is specially trained to use radiation therapy. He will discuss in detail how radiation therapy works, what will be required for treatment, potential side effects and how IMRT is different and more efficacious than standard radiation therapy. He will then create a custom treatment for you.

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Radiation Therapy - Side Effects & How to Manage Them

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Managing Effects of Radiation Therapy


Dr. Dan Purser: Fasting 48 hours prior to chemo could increase your chances of complete remission by 9X that of if you didn't fast. Cancer cells have a metabolic rate of 80-200 times that of a normal healthy cell. Cancer needs sugar to survive. When you fast 48 hrs prior to chemo, drinking all the water you want, the cancer cells are hungry, so hungry that they will eat up the chemo! There is a 9X increase in dead cancer cells.You could also have an 80% reduction in side effects. Repeat…

Effects of Breast Cancer Radiation on the Body

Effects of Breast Cancer Radiation on the Body


Ouch. Your Chest Is Burned, Blistered, And Raw From Radiation — But These Tips Can Help! | The Breast Cancer Site Blog

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Explore the side effects of radiation therapy and how to minimize them.