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THE SIEGE OF SARAJEVO Two young boys read a page from a book in the recently destroyed National and University Library of Bosnia in Sarajevo, Bosnia, on Monday, September 7, 1992..


Sarajevo - A City Under Siege. Photo by Tom Stoddart. Cellist Vedran Smalovic breaks down in tears after playing a requiem to a dead friend at Hero’s Cemetery, where Bosnian fighters were buried during the siege of Sarajevo, 1992


[ Bosnian Genocide ] Little Bosnian Muslim baby girl Nalena Skorupan was killed by Serbs during the siege of Sarajevo on 7 January 1994. Photographer: Gervasio Sánchez. (Genocid u Bosni, Genocid nad Bosnjacima)


SARAJEVO, BOSNIA -1992: People run for their lives across ‘Sniper Alley’ under the sights of Serb gunmen during the siege of Sarajevo which lasted for 47 months and cost the lives of over 10,000 citizens. (Photo By Tom Stoddart/Getty Images)


Siege of Sarajevo: More than 10,000 people were killed during the siege of Sarajevo which began in 1992 and lasted over three and a half years. Here Zimeta Smaic (left) and family members cry as a relative is evacuated from Sarajevo State Hospital, 30 April 1994. Photograph by Peter Northall/Associated Press.


Radovan Karadžić - bosnia based, serbian war criminal. Currently in Hague, since 2008, where they don't seem to be able to convict him and get it over with. He wasn't arrested by serbian police, but rather by people who discovered his identity. His crimes include genocide of #Srebrenica and war crimes at siege of Sarajevo


Ratko Mladic: the Srebrenica massacre, the siege of Sarajevo and the Bosnian war

17 July 1995: Belongings of Srebrenica massacre victims litter a road after the mass execution of men and boys