Alarm System For The Deaf. Alert Master AM-6000. This product was recommended to me in a deaf group. It uses both vibration and lights to signal the user to a variety of sounds in the house. An intelligent idea!

Signals intelligence - Wikipedia

Signal's INtelligence

Signals intelligence - EOB and related data flow

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Signals intelligence - RAF Menwith Hill, a large site in the United Kingdom, part of ECHELON and the UKUSA Agreement. (2005)

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Signals intelligence - A model of a German SAR-Lupe reconnaissance satellite inside a Russian Cosmos-3M rocket.

The little-known capture of Rommel’s signals intelligence unit by an Australian battalion in North Africa in July 1942

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The U-2 flies at 70,000ft (21,336m), gathering surveillance and signals intelligence data in real time from anywhere in the world. - Image - Airforce Technology

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Genevieve Feinstein Not every woman in intelligence was a spy as we think of them. Women also played a significant role as cryptanalysts and code breakers. Codes were handled by the SIS or Signal Intelligence Service. Genevieve Feinstein was such a woman and she was responsible for creating a machine used to decode Japanese messages. After WWII, she continued to work in intelligence.

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