A Brain-Computer Interface That Lasts for Weeks | Brain signals can be read using soft, flexible, wearable electrodes that stick onto and near the ear like a temporary tattoo and can stay on for more than two weeks even during highly demanding activities such as exercise and swimming, researchers say.

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Genevieve Feinstein Not every woman in intelligence was a spy as we think of them. Women also played a significant role as cryptanalysts and code breakers. Codes were handled by the SIS or Signal Intelligence Service. Genevieve Feinstein was such a woman and she was responsible for creating a machine used to decode Japanese messages. After WWII, she continued to work in intelligence.

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socialjusticeinamerica: “ the-demon-colonel: “If you elect tyrants, expect only tyranny ” Signal boost! ”

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Even for adults, this model of 8 basic emotions, and how they interact to form other emotions, is fascinating.

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1999: SETI's purpose is to analyze radio signals, searching for signs of extra terrestrial intelligence

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William Donovan, aka Wild Bill Donovan WWI of the Fighting 69th US Signal Corp

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1/6/17 A Note to DNI Clapper: There Are No Slam-Dunks When It Comes to Signals Intelligence - American Greatness What James Clapper, the current Director of National Intelligence, neglected to mention was that the Russians were similarly caught celebrating President Obama’s victory both in 2008 and 2012.

British policeman claims he was 'ABDUCTED by aliens after UFO stalked him'

British policeman claims he was 'ABDUCTED by aliens after UFO stalked him' | Science | News | Daily Express

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