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Ahead are 38 questions to ask your significant other as the stakes are raised in your partnership. Note: these range from mildly uncomfortable to a little, sort of, somewhat, totally and utterly cringeworthy.

Deep conversation starters

Deep conversation starters


You are Significant With or Without a Significant Other by Shauna Niequist - I think we don't always do a good job of recognizing this, particularly in the church


Suffering from depression and anxiety is hard enough. Add in a significant other and things can feel impossible. Here are some ways to make it easier.

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How To Move In With Your Significant Other

Forget your list of righteous resolutions for the new year—the best self-improvement commitment you can make is to take the plunge and finally move in with your girlfriend or boyfriend. If you do this right, you’ll achieve a transcendental state of domesticated bliss, where every day is warm and cosy, with the putrefying whiff of roommates replaced by some fancy scented candles you didn’t know you actually quite like. Get it wrong, and you’ll know how it feels to be that dude who comes home to realize all his meager possessions have been thrown in garbage bags and tossed on the sidewalk.

22 Benefits of Living With Your Significant Other

We all love our significant others. They are our best friends and our greatest source of love and comfort. But sometimes, they drive us up the wall!

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15 Things Every Couple Should Do Together

Looking for spontaneous ways to lock down or spice it up your love? Read more on our list of 15 Things Every Couple Should Do Together now live at Dashingly Different. Take not of these suburb date ideas to bring you closer to your significant other today! #love


8 Ways to Tell If You and Your Significant Other Are Compatible

8 Ways to Tell If You and Your Significant Other Are Compatible

from The Good Men Project

How To Make Your Significant Other Feel Significant Again -

How to make your significant other feel significant again.