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It's amazing how someone's (as in mine) can look normal, yet I have all the symptoms of a disease. I have multiple forms of arthritis. All of which, are moderate to severe. Primary is Forestier's Disease (aka, DISH), diagnosed. Test come up negative or inconclusive for Rheumatoid Arthritis & Anklyosing Spondylitis. Signs & symptoms of RA are minor, but the signs & symptoms of AS are atypical & conclusive for AS. It's very frustrating. I have other CIs, with widespread chronic pain which is…

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Don't like attention. Sign of weakness. People will act like they care cause they see you're sad when in reality they don't, they are just being nice.

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Interesting New Study Finds Possible Cause of Fibromyalgia

We've all heard claims of a possible cause of Fibromyalgia before. This one is different, and plausible. It could lead to real treatments that work.

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