Phyllis McGinley The silent treatment or ignoring someone is one of the cruelest ways to torture someone.

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If they really are attracted to you, or want something, no matter what it is, friendship, love, they will not care what anyone else thinks. Period. They will also make room in there life for you, reach out to you, talk, laugh, spend quality time. If you don't have an answer after you reaching out, you know where you stand. At least you can say you tried. The other action is on them. <3

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Exactly... All of the truth. Let me make the choice on how I feel about it all.

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I think christians often feel as if they can't talk about their problems because they will be judged as not having enough faith, thanksgiving, or they keep quiet and hurt more.

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And if the day comes that you regret how horrible you've been to me, I can promise you that it will be too late. It already is.

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We used to talk for hours quotes photography night sad street depressed

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