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IRIDESCENT AQUA Silk Velvet Fabric - 1 Yard

IRIDESCENT AQUA Silk Velvet Fabric 1 Yard by silkfabric on Etsy, $27.95


Victorian silk brocade and silk satin dinner dress with lace detail by House of Pingat [French], c. 1878 {detail of silk brocade}


Italian second half of 14th century. Fragment of salmon silk self-patterned with vine, brocaded with green and white silk and gold-metallic thread with dragons (wings are inscribed with DRAGO) above rows of trees with small animal and birds under each tree.


Evening Dress: ca. 1850-1852, American, silk. "The female silhouette of the middle of the 19th century consisted of a fitted corseted bodice and wide full skirts. The conical skirts developed between the 1830s, when the high waist of the Empire silhouette was lowered and the skirts became more bell shaped, to the late 1860s, when the fullness of the skirts were pulled to the back and the bustle developed..."

from Etsy

Bundle of Black Indian silk brocade fabric set of eight fat quarters

Bundle of Black Indian silk brocade fabric set by EverythingIndian


Clockwise from top left: Details of coloured lithographs from the coronation book of Tsar Alexander II, 1856, via Wikimedia Commons: "Metropolitans kneel in prayer at the coronation," by Timm; "Crowning of the Empress," by Zichy; "Members of the imperial family congratulate Alexander II," by Zichy. Coronation dress of Empress Maria Alexandrovna, consort of Alexander II, Russia, 1856. Silk brocade, silver threads, embroidery. Moscow Kremlin Museums, via