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This poem about helps students understand what a simile is. It gives examples of similes using like and as.

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Original Pin - Have students write their names on the side of a sheet of paper (first or both first and last). Then have them write one simile that describes them for each letter in their name. Kids can decorate them however they like and the acrostic simile poems can be hung above all student's desks for display. Great way to practice using similes! by lee

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Literature: Quick as a Cricket Music: Everything at Once (youtube) Writing:nouns, adjectives, pattern Technology: cameras, photos upload, insert into document, print

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This poem is sure to make dad smile!I included a page for dad, grandpa, uncle, and a "you are special" page. Each loved one has a boy and girl version!I hope you love it!!! :)You might also like:Mother's Day Simile Poem {freebie!}

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fun popsicle similes, the kids turned them into poems by writing some of them on paint chip samples

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Simile Poetry (figurative language) - first week of school idea. Students' names in acrostic poem form, each letter starts a phrase about him or her with a simile in it!

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Celebrating National Poetry Month with Hands-on Poetry Projects

Eight amazing hands on activities to celebrate National Poetry Month (or to use any time!) via

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This FREEBIE contains an original poem and poetry analyzation sheet. Enjoy!This is a sample of my Figurative Language Poems!If you like this sample, the paid product includes an original poem and poetry analyzation sheet for each of the following types of figurative language:-simile (this sample)-metaphor-personification-idiom-hyperbole-alliteration-onomatopoeia*Please rate me :)*Remember to "follow" me for updates on my new items!Copyright Kathleen Amari.

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