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Simon Munnery live on 'Edinburgh nights' 1999

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heart 1 Nina Conti and Simon Munnery: Whack It Up The Flagpole Performer: Nina Conti and Simon Munnery Concept: Weird cabaret.

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La Concepta ‘restaurant conceptuel‘ (devised by Simon Munnery) is a uniquely genuine ‘pop-up’ restaurant originally devised for the Edinburgh Festival 2011. It is able to literally spring up unannounced across town from within two large trunks. Once you have booked your table, a member of restaurant staff shall call you to let you know where La Concepta has sprung up that day.

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Simon Munnery is amazing. He has genuine weirdness, loads of character and exceptional jokes. Never pass up an opportunity to see this man. His website is here: Photo by Nick Collet (Which is fantastic BTW. Lovely shallow DOF. Great work!)

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