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50 Fall Nails Art Designs and Ideas to try this Autumn

You don’t have to be an artist or do complex designs to make beautiful nail art. With these simple geometric patterns you can’t go wrong, they don’t ever go out of style and they can almost suit any occasion. Prepare yourself to be inspired by one of the creative ideas below.

20 Shockingly Simple Geometric Nail Art Ideas You'll Love

For a minimalist take on striped nail art, cross your white nails with single black lines.

Call it, body painting or just another branch of cosmetics, nail art is the recent example of personal body art. Nail art is to be found in beauty salons and on catwalks. Like the make-up, nail art is another instance that can enjoy a woman’s art in her everyday life. Nail art includes all techniques of decorative art. Finger nails and toenails: including various overlays of nail polish or UV gel or hybrid coatings such as shellac. It may also include artificial nails or extensions. One of…

100 Creative and Unique Nail Art Ideas And Designs

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40 Classy Black Nail Art Designs for Hot Women

Make a statement with this French nail tip! Coated with nude polish as base, the nails are then perfectly tipped with black nail polish making the French tip more visible than ever.

Navy blue nail arts

I like the blush/blue combo, but especially the blush color. Perhaps a different shade of blue.

Try these easy-to-master minimal nail art designs from @Stylecaster | navy with medical flat lines

30 Minimalist Nail Art Ideas So You Can Keep It Simple This Summer

Ditch the complicated designs this summer and choose from one of these 30 minimalist nail art ideas instead.

I love the use of the matte nail polish in this design, simple yet elegant.

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