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30 Meaningful Tattoos in Spanish You'll Want Immediately

If you're considering getting new ink, why not choose a design that embodies your cultural identity? A permanent mark in Spanish is just the perfect amount of mysterious and meaningful, so we rounded up some ideas (and included the translations) that will undoubtedly inspire you.

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Simple activity to introduce the concept of alphabetical sorting (FREE printable

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Simple Spanish Word Games: Nicaragua

Simple Spanish Word Games - No materials required

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I Can Write Sentences

Make a Sentence Game for Kindergarten... Great for morning work! Could also make this with simple Spanish words and have the students use to put together sentences. Could make one for key lessons!

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Fish Race-Teacher gives a word or phrase in English (or Spanish) and each player, when it is his/her turn, says it in Spanish (or English). If the player is correct, then he/she gets to move the fish one wave. First fish to reach the last wave wins.

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Mi Familia Read-Along eBook & Audio Track

¡Los niños aprenderán las palabras sencillas de español en este libro divertido y ilustrado, por ejemplo, mamá, papá, hermano, hermanita, abuela, abuelo, tía, tío, primos, y mi familia! Translated: Children will learn simple Spanish words through this fun illustrated story, for example, mom, dad, brother, baby sister, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousins, and my family! *Includes read-along audio

Spanish Color Words: Printable Coloring Pages

Spanish color words on Spanish coloring pages. Also a simple Spanish reading activity.

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ELL Time-Reading and Writing Simple Sentences. Use this template to make similiar worksheets with spanish words

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I like this activity because there is something concrete there that the students can picture. Students can picture where the sticker was depending on the picture they drew. It would be easier for them to remember the prepositions with the sticker.

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Sub Tub Plans Kit for Spanish Class Printable Resources

This kit includes a host of printable activities which can be used and played each and every time you have a sub, even if your sub doesn't speak Spanish-the activities are designed with very simple Spanish words and require your sub to speak little to no Spanish to run them. Instructions for how to put it together, labels, and more! Geared for Elementary Spanish classes but great for any class.

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