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Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Activity

Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Activity | Combining Like Terms This is an awesome kinesthetic activity with higher order thinking involved. Love it!

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Combining Like Terms Math Lib

Combining Like Terms Math LibMath lib activities are a class favorite! In this activity, students will practice simplifying expressions by combining like terms as they rotate through ten stations. This includes simple expressions along with more challenging expressions that have more than one variable and variables with exponents.The answers they get will generate a funny story about their teacher.


This FREE set of printable Multi-Match game cards helps students simplify expressions with negative integer exponents. Just print on five sheets of paper and have students cut the cards. Choose from four fun, familiar games for 1-4 players. Also see the bundle of Grade 8 games. ~by Angie Seltzer

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Introducing Exponents (Math Giraffe - The Math Classroom: Blog)

Introducing Exponents | Math Giraffe - The Math Classroom: Blog | Bloglovin’

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Simplifying Expressions - Matching Task Card Activity

Simplifying Algebraic Expressions task card activity. Students find three other students who had different equivalent expressions.