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Is this 1992? Because your audition for 'Single White Female' is amazing!!

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Single White Female Syndrome---- An obviously insecure woman ...Beware and don't be her.

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Right?! Annnnnd again, sheesh. Funny how the day after I wear a certain outfit (totally my style norm) Your wearing pretty much the same thing (totally Not your style. Hence one of the reasons I rock that style) Thank goodness, I don't have the courage to even own a 90's cropped white jean jacket, blech.

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For those of us with a single white female type "friend"-----@the red stitch Marozas had too! This is too perfect!

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For the 'Single White Females ' that are out there desiring my life.

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Single White Female (1992)

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I find it flattering how you and your boyfriend are thinking of using the same wedding venue that Steven and I were married at :) Flattering, and just a tad bit creepy.

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