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Pansy - Viola x wittrockiana hybrids. These popular bedding plants come in a staggering range of bright or pastel shades; including pink, blue, yellow, gold, orange, purple, violet, red, russet, white and even black. They are available in clear single shades as well as bi-colours. Many are painted with black blotches around a yellow eye, with lines radiating from the centre, like cat's whiskers. The flowers range in size from small to enormous, with petals that are soft and velvety.

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How to Take Senior Portraits

Senior year is a defining time in any young person's life. That's why senior photos need to be just as unique as the senior! You can even do your own senior portraits, if you have a digital camera and a friend! All it takes is some creativity and...


Damselfly, bristlecone pine, mountain bluebird skeleton, and sagebrush for Nevada. Thanks Sarah! ✨


A MULTI-GEM PENDANT/BROOCH The rock crystal basket lined with single-cut diamonds, filled with cabochon sapphires and emeralds, carved emerald leaves, carved ruby and sapphire floral buds, accented by brilliant-cut brown diamonds, mounted in 18k white and yellow gold, 4.9 cm long