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“Done” and “finished”

Done versus finished. Grammar myth and its origin. "Cakes are done; people are finished?" Nope. Cakes can also be finished and people can also be done. And stop mentioning cake if you’re only teasing me.

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The Washington Post Style Guide Now Accepts Singular ‘They’

As a former English lit major and long-time editor, I've met my share of linguistics pedants. Today is not their day. But for everyone else who appreciates the natural evolution of language, rejoice! Singular "they" was just named Word of the Year.

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30 Copy Editors Tell Us Their Pet Peeves

And acceptance of the singular “they” was a running theme throughout the conference. || Writing

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Most common ten symptoms of falling in love

Callum- le couer en l'image represente le amour instante quand Christine et Raoul rancontre l' un et l' autre

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speech 1 Benjamin Mullin: Seek to bolster websites, TV stations hire away newspaper journalists

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The Singular They “Everyone has their preference”—see anything wrong with that sentence? Neither do we The Singular They

Singular 'They' Has Its Day 2015 was a big year for the little pronoun they and its slide into use as a singular pronoun. First, in December, the Washington Post admitted the singular they into its style guide, saying it is fine for Post writers to use they as a singular pronoun for transgender people and to avoid awkward sentences. Then last week, hundreds ...Read More

The Places You Need To Visit Before They Disappear

Antarctic Beech Tree, Lamington National Park, Queensland, Australia Gilpin Lake near Steamboat Springs, Colorado Twelve Apostles, The Great Ocean Road, Australia Lake McArthur's, Yoho National Park, Canada Colorful Canoes near the shore Grinnell Lake,...

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Online Classes Help Preserve the Navajo Language

The Navajo language is hard to speak and hard to spell because it has a lot of accents and looks like jumbled up words. The Muslim culture is similar because they have hard spelling words too and the language is complicated also.

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Everyone Uses Singular 'They,' Whether They Realize It Or Not

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Study "Singular & Plural Nouns" with this fun and educational cartoon. • This animated English video for kids teaches "What is it? What are they?"

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Sorry, grammar nerds. The singular ‘they’ has been declared Word of the Year.

The Word of the Year has been announced: It is THEY,as singular. For example: Everyone expects THEIR kid to excel.

English has changed dramatically and been influced by German, French and Latin. How does it change? When do lexicologists add words to the dictionary?

Ed. note: This post was originally published on the Community site. Hopefully, by now you know that calling people the pronouns they want to be called is a basic and necessary way to demonstrate respect for their identities. This includes learning to use non-binary pronouns, such as singular “they.” But using singular they is far ...

Grammar Basics: How to Use Singular “They”

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Constellations: A Play on Scribd // "A singular astonishment." —John Lahr, The New YorkerOne relationship. Infinite possibilities. In the beginning Marianne and Roland meet at a party. They go for a drink, or perhaps they don't. They fall madly in love and start dating, but eventually they break up. After a chance encounter in a supermarket they get back together, or maybe they run into each other and Marianne reveals that she's now engaged to someone else and that's that. Or perhaps Roland…

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NWC39: Friday Panels | The Language of Gender: English is one of many languages that use pronouns that distinguish between male and female persons. In the last couple of decades, a number of non-gendered replacements have been proposed, from singular “they” to entirely new words. Our panelists will discuss these pronouns and why they matter. Photo by Thom Walls for Norwescon.

Singular They | Wall Tapestry

Singular they is a gender-neutral pronoun. / “Sam is very patient. They taught me all about transgender issues.” / The singular they is common in everyday spoken English, but its use has been the target of criticism since the late 19th century. Its use has increased with the trend toward gender-inclusive language. • Also buy this artwork on wall prints, apparel, kids clothes, and more.