Hey bro....!! There????? Agree....??? Then hit  Tag/mention your valuable sister

I love you sister and quotes, believe me I love you sister is a line which gives us the pleasure of life when we call our sister that we love her. Being more love able and to get some sister& Share

Something to do with ur bff or ur bffs,when u guys have the time,it summer and it time to make those bond stronger and what better way to do it than this.    Lori May Explore a new city w…

10 Best friend bucket list 4 girls

I want to have a friend that will stick with me until we are old and die. Everyone needs a best friend and I have found mine but I need ones that live bear me not 6 hours away.

Quotes About Brothers From Little Big Sisters by @quotesgram

JJ to Mac, Bell, Gracie, and Jack! Best brother, they love him beyond words! He's a proud big brother to three little sisters and one little brother!

Yup love my sister just wish she realized life isn't about being on a relationship and wish she had more self respect for herself, but I can't choose who she is with. I just want what's best for her and she could do much more with her life if she started living for herself and not men.

My sweet girls! I hope they always have the strongest bond! Love you Bailey Ann & Ramsey Kate!