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Bronze octopus for the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.

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The Skull of Robert the Bruce [Museum Week]

The skull above is the skull of Robert the Bruce, otherwise known as Robert I, King of the Scots (reigned 1306-1329). Well, kinda. It’s actually a plaster cast of the skull of Robert the Bruce, which sits on display in the Hunterian Museum, in the Main Building of the University of Glasgow. His actual skull, along with his body, lies in the Dunfermline Abbey in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. His heart, on the other hand, is buried at Melrose Abbey, encased in lead.

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Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium

Husky Stadium,University of Washington, sits next to Union Bay in Lake Washington. The view from Husky Stadium is unmatched, overlooking Lake Washington and offering sweeping skylines of Downtown Seattle, Mt. Rainier and the Cascade Mountains to the east and the Olympic Mountain Range to the west.

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10(ish) tips to create your own writing ritual

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Willamette University

Autumn by the Mill Stream at Willamette University. I never experienced the Fall Colors until I lived at Willamette. LOVED it! Photo is by Anna Gorin, via Flickr

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21 Things To Cross Off Your Emory Bucket List

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*walks onto practice field* *sits down in bleachers* Wooohh!!! Go Hailee! Came to watch you practice. ~Aaron

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Oxford University ~ Great Hall of Christ Church. It was the inspiration for the dining scenes at Hogwarts School for Wizardry!

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The Hall of Christ Church in Oxford, England, the inspiration for the studio film set of the main hall of Hogwarts.

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