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'lucky for life' carved skate deck by coralette damme, board from local longboard company, st petersburg fl

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I spent almost 3 hours at the skatepark at Venice Beach praciticing the use of my zoom for taking action shots. This was a lucky shot I took that I thought could be used for a Skateboard company's logo.

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5BORO VHS Series

This Library Cake Made by Kathy Knaus, found on My Modern Met     The Amazon Security Checkpoint Yup, it's an open cardboard box. Found on Reddit.     The Faulty Towers Lego Set One skilled Lego fan/builder made a faithful recreation of the hot

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I've always seen their products but never was able to understand their brand. I never knew they sold skateboards. I love it! ❤

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I created these 3 designs way back last year on the fly for my good friends skateboard company Instrumental Skateboards. It was rushed but really fun!! Enjoy:) #skateboardart #kennypoppins #instrumentalskateboards

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Companies such as Backyard Skateboards, BambooSK8, Arbor and Comet Skateboards uses bamboo, poplar and maple to make their decks. Comet Skateboards even uses waterbase paints and manufactures their boards in the worlds only solar-powered skateboard company.

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