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reminds me of all the skater boys I was in love with when I was younger..... :)

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What kind of guys fall for you?

((OPEN RP, please be him!)) "Babe!" I whine. He doesn't pay attention and keeps playing. I growl and pounce on him "Babe i want attention!" I pout and start kissing his jaw. He laughs and throws the controller to the side "Alright cutie, you've got my full attention" I smile widely. He kisses me softly and stands up "Do you want to stay the night?" I blush and look down "No no no, I meant like sleep over not sex" he blushes as well. I think for a moment but nod "Okay.. Sure"

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Reminds me of a guy that catches my bus who wears a fitted grey blazer and black jeans and rides on his skateboard everywhere mmmm

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