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CAPI Raw Sketchbook Assignment 1 Free Form Association at , 2 Videos, 1 Drawing Template ..follow the link to view

I really liked the upside down face in this one, Joslyn - CAPI Raw Sketchbook assignment 1: Joslyn - CAPI Raw Sketchbook assignment 1 So fun. I was very happy to see some of the female form shapes coming out, particularly the ones with arms

CAPI Raw sketchbook Assignment 1: HEATHER - CAPI Raw sketchbook Assignment 1 I discovered I am disorganised and fluid - straight lines scare me! I see human emotion in everything. submitted


CAPI Raw Sketchbook Assignment 5 Full Circle Investigation with Milliande @

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Sketchbook Assignment Ideas

Sketchbook Assignments. Sketchbooks are an indispensable part of every artists life! It is where skills are strengthen and ideas are recorded and worked through. They are essential in developing creativity! Often sketchbooks are used in preparation for upcoming projects and practicing various skills. It should be a place where artists are completely free to experiment and find their visual voice.


PEN AND INK , CAPI : Raw Sketchbook Assignment 4 Form Play: CAPI : Raw Sketchbook Assignment 4 Form Play This one is pen and ink. It was fun. This was my second attempt where I did not use mixed media. It's just