Harry Potter by Picolo-kun http://picolo-kun.deviantart.com/gallery/56341906/Harry-Potter-books

"Harry Potter" by Picolo-kun The painterly style of the characters and the added backsplash complement the moleskin journal concept well. The design is also very reminiscent of Harry Potter--certainly fan art done well,

Below you will find a compilation of awesome 'Stranger Things' fan art pieces…

21 Awesome Fan Art Pieces for Netflix's Stranger Things

Art Inspiration: Journal art by Charringo: Eleven from Stranger Things for Sketch Dailies.

Illustrations by Kerby Rosanes | geometric drawing | pen drawings | animal illustrations

Wild Animal Illustrations Burst Out of Geometric Encasings

Multi-color de dibujos bolígrafo de bocetos a partir de 2016

A 2016 Success - An Injection of Color

These drawings are AMAZING! The artist, Jennifer Johansson, does all of them with BALLPOINT PENS! 😳😊 Multi-color ballpoint sketchbook drawings from Click through to see more.