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"I'm gonna fight for what's right; today I'm speaking my mind (And if it kills me tonight; I will be ready to die)," -- Skillet; Hero (Parentheses for Jen! :D)

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"I'm tired of feeling like i'm never gonna make it," -- Skillet; "Sick of It"; Rise (2013) #RaiseYourHands

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"If we believe we can't lost even mountains will move," --Skillet; "Battle Cry"; Rise (Deluxe Edition)

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Are you over it? Bored to death? Have you had enough regret? Take a stand, raise your hands.... if you're sick of it!!!! Lyrics to "Sick of It" by Skillet; Rise (2013)

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Skillet - Monster

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skillet the last night - Google Search

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Skillet - Comatose

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Feel Invincible//Skillet

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"Sometimes I find it hard to believe, there's someone else who could be, just as messed up as me," --Sometimes; Skillet

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Skillet // Awake and Alive

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