cerebralzero: smoothestjazz: everythingsks: ukrayinski: everythingsks: annarborken: Ex-Yugoslavian army SKS rifle with grenade launcher, WW1 German re-enacters, Homemade “kattah” pistol India How does an SKS become ex-yugoslavian? It renounces its citizenship. Fair enough > grenade launcher> bayonetsame thing right? Nah, they are separate parts.Most Yugoslavian rifles(like their SKS and M70 AKM variants) are designed to fire rifle grenades. They utilize a grenade spigot(also called a grenade…

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"The Russian Classics" - Mosin Nagant, SKS, AK-47 Find our speedloader now! http://www.amazon.com/shops/raeind

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Russian SKS. I love my SKS. (this one is not mine. there are many like it, but this is not mine.)

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Yugo SKS Battlerifle Variants. 1. Stock Yugo SKS rifle. 2. Modified Sawed off SKS "Pistol". 3. SKS Variant JBS-53 altered version of a SKS-D model (able to accept AK-47 mags). 4. SBM-25 Custom pistol caliber bullpup SKS platform based weapon, Caliber 7.62x25mm 5. KSS Modified Bullpup SKS w/ 20rd magazine. 6. SVS WWII Semi auto prototype rifle 7,62x54R (long action SKS) 7. Customized SKS for target shooting.

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SKS 7.62x.39. This is probably the ultimate survival weapon! - Thrifty, robust, and with enough weight in the bullet to take down large game. There may be lighter rifles that are more accurate at range, but outside of needing to fight off a red-invasion, I would take this as a my survival rifle any day!

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You're not bulletproof..., 100 Rounds For those wondering whether AK drums...

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