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De-Skunking Solution- Shampoo & Rinse for Skunk Victims

De-Skunking Solution- Shampoo & Rinse for Skunk Victims THIS is NOT just for skunk smell - it gets the smell out of everything! Awesome mixture!

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How to De-skunk Your Dog; Save the Tomato Juice for Your Bloody Mary

How do you de-skunk a dog? My advice is always the same…if your dog gets skunked, "save the tomato juice for your Bloody Mary" and, see what I use instead

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The very best recipe ever for that skunk removal from your dog. Just let the dog soak in it for best results and can bathe multiple times without harming dogs skin. It worked GREAT on Dixie thanks to our fantastic groomer!!

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I love you, tiny fake me - January 6, 2017

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DO NOT rinse the dog down first. It will only spread the offending oils around. Use shampoo with this mixture.

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Natures Miracle Skunk Odor Removal for dogs! Best Remedy ever!

Natural Skunk Odor removal for dogs! (This is a secret recipe that Vets use!!!)

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HowToCleanADogSprayedByASkunk This really works!! Used it a 10:30 one night. It instantly neutralizes the odor!

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