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The Irish Sky Garden Crater by Turrell, is located on the grounds of Liss Ard Estate, Skibbereen, County Cork. It is, as the name suggests, a man made crater, created through the mounding of earth on all sides. At the center lies the “Vault Purchase”, a monolithic stone plinth, upon which offers unobstructed, focused views of the sky, offering a chance for contemplation.


9 Reasons to go on a Scotland Road Trip - with Video and Photos

A Scotland Road Trip offers you lochs, castles, Abbeys, cliffs, archeological sites, incredible skies, mountains and so much more! Discover in video and photos why it should be you next destination -


City in the Sky to offers earth’s inhabitants an escape from their murky surroundings

It may look like scene right out a sci-fi flick where humans have begun to establish settlements on other planets in the universe and that too far in the future where traditional architectural norms have become mere relics of history, but this future mega


Situated in the heart of downtown Chicago, the Crown Sky Garden is a sanctuary for patients, families, doctors and administrators within this 23 story Children’s Hospital. . This regenerative project offers a new paradigm for healthcare design that integrates healing gardens as part of the health care regiment within these institutional environments


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Scottish painter Andrew McIntosh takes ubiquitous constructions typically deserted on rural homesteads similar travel campers or sheds and reveals hidden worlds inside: radiant sunsets and expansive skies that seem like portals into some other location. Drawing inspiration from a childhood spent in the Highlands of Scotland, the London-based painter offers surprising life to derelict buildings set …