Sky Tops 6.1 Million UK Broadband Subs and Pushes Sky Q TV Over the Internet

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Sky which is formally marketed as Sky Digital satellite broadcasting, broadband and telephone Service Company has come up with good news. So if you are a UK’s Sky subscriber, you will now be able to manage your account while on the move with the company’s latest Android offering. According to the current news, the app called Sky Service, enables you to get into account areas, find help for TV, broadband and phone services as well as easy access to the service status checker.

Sky is going to let people watch all of its TV channels without a satellite dish for the first time ever. The company is going to let people watch its full TV service through broadband instead of installing an entire satellite dish on their house. The move is apparently an attempt to stop the rate of "churn" at Sky – how many people join the service and then leave.

Sky has announced it will launch a broadband TV service in the UK in 2018

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Virgin Media, my TV, broadband and landline provider, I'd rather line Branson's pockets than Murdoch's! And I hate running with the herd so I'm not with Sky.

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Contact Sky by calling 0844 306 9107 or Freephone 0800 151 2747 to get straight through to Sky customer services. Sky customer service will be able to help you with your Sky TV, Sky Broadband and Sky Talk services.

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