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Slash Fiction

7x06 Slash Fiction--best Leviathan Sam and Dean moment. Omg this show.... I will never understand how they can combine so much heartache with so much hilarity!

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"So cute until you realize he's a Leviathan... "Slash Fiction", S7" Me: Then he's even hotter. I love Leviathan Dean

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[SET OF GIFS] 7x06 Slash Fiction. one of my favorite scenes in the entire season

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Who else ship Jody and Bobby? [7x06 ''Slash Fiction'']

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Only took one look... Just watched this episode and I giggled at Dean's realization that it wasn't Sam.

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Slash fiction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[SET OF GIFS] 7x06 Slash Fiction + 9x01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here & 9x02 Devil May Care - STOP HURTING MY SOUL!! #ItHurts

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To put it bluntly, those three shows are owned by Disney- the others are owned by different studios. Also, Supernatural is about supernatural stuff, which doesn't fly with Dr. Who or Sherlock. It will never happen...get over it and get on with writing more erotic Sam/Rory slash fiction.

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Loki: Agent of Asgard, Al Ewing, Lee Garbett

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Nobody puts Baby in a corner / Swayze always gets a pass / Air Supply on the car radio ~ LMAO <3 this scene! #Jensen #Supernatural s07e06 "Slash Fiction" | clip via TNT on YouTube