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Halloween is a great slasher movie and is probably the most famous. Many slasher movies have used aspects that this film created in their films.


Slashers are the crazed killers who give us nightmares and dwell in their own horror movie subgenre, and they're some of the most iconic characters in horror movie history despite their gruesome appearances.Whether you're a fan of Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Leatherface or can't decide which slasher you like best the NeatoShop is your one stop shop for something scary good to wear!They are the freaky faces of horrorBloody Lil Horrors (Multicolor) by Prime PremneFrom the classic killers who…

from Spoon Graphics

20 Movie Posters in the Style of Vintage Horror Films

Low budget B-movies, exploitation films and slasher movies from the 50s, 60s & 70s have an iconic style that if often replicated by designers to pay tribute to this generation of cult film. Low quality print effects, dirt & grunge, hand brushed typography and plenty of blood splatters are all common features of this art …