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Will the Slate Appliance Replace Stainless? - Home Tips

Will slate appliances replace stainless? The finish goes well with dark wood cabinets, the new popular gray colors, and has a finish that resists fingerprints.

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4 Appliances You Didn't Know Required Maintenance

We know we're supposed to spend time each year deep-cleaning our house, organizing our closet, and tuning up our car, but what few of us realize is that some of our most essential home appliances also require yearly maintenance. Angie Hicks, founder of

10 Exciting Home Trends To Look Out For In 2017

The most popular appliance colors seem to change every few years — remember the days of pastel ovens? — and now it looks like polished stainless steel is on the way out. Instead of gleaming silver appliances, Houzz predicts that sleek black stainless steel is the trend of the future. -

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Kitchen Pictures From Blog Cabin 2014

Kitchen: "Gray slate appliances inspire the tone and theme of surrounding kitchen materials."