Slate podcast-- when fitness can get too intense
Table to Farm: Foccacia Edition // "about white bread's strange social history and why you should gently caress your yeast dough." #podcast
Every book, album, article, and movie recommended or endorsed on a Slate podcast.
Cendana #madproduction --- if U like it, contact us at ---
Slate Podcast on the Karadzic Verdict. Rather inexcusable that the write-up says it was the International Criminal Court, but whatever.
Podcasts | Slate’s Political Gabfest – jocular, incisive discussion about politics  --   Slate’s Political Gabfest podcast aims to recreate the kind of informal and irreverent discussions Washington journalists have after hours over drinks. I’ve listened to and enjoyed the Political Gabfest for several years. It features Slate magazine’s Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz. Here’s an excellent article about the podcast by Erika Fry.
The Peculiar Journey of "Orange" : Word Routes : Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus
Slate's David Plotz talks to Merriam-Webster lexicographer, Kory Stamper | see link for full article | The “How Does a Lexicographer Work?” Edition |  Slate’s podcast about work explores how a Merriam-Webster lexicographer defined the word take.
iPad Air vs the £50 Android in tablet-tastic Podcast 361 In a week that's seen more tablets than a Moses-themed fancy dress party, we compare the new iPad Air, Nokia 2520 -- and a £50 Android slate.
"Should we care when a language dies?" Slate's Lexicon Valley Podcast, Episode 16: 'Our Dying Words'