Slient Hill Kasabası Nedir? Gerçek Hikayesi ile birlikte#2: Slient Hill Kasabası Nedir? Gerçek Hikayesi… #Nedir #silenthill2 #silenthill3

Pyramid Head is the main antagonist of Silent Hill 2 and serves as quite possibly the most famous example of his series' use of psychology and symbolism. The game's plot starts when James Sunderland (the protagonist) receives a letter from his wife asking him to meet her in Silent Hill - but his wife's supposed to be dead. Pyramid Head stalks James throughout the game until the end where he's the final boss, and he represent James' wish to be punished for his wife's death.

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slient hill girl

Silent Hill Nurse Mask Tutorial ***MATERIALS YOU NEED*** 2 rolls of Plaster strips (cut them out down to different sizes ) Plastic Bag Paint Brush Scissors

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Left for Dead or play slient Hill Bitch ♌

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