Slimming World Chicken Chow Mein - light soy sauce, garlic, Chinese 5 Spice powder, chicken breasts, dried egg noodles, mixed stir fry veg, spring onions, dark soy sauce

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As July approaches, many will have indulged on a holiday, and many will have holidays approaching. So - having a few SP meals here and there can really accelerate your losses and get you back on track (or even into that bikini you are dreaming of wearing!) With that said, as always it can be extremely tough to come up with ideas when there are only very specific foods you can eat. to help you along, we've dug up 27 ideas for you all! Catch them below. * Beef Stir Fry - beef strips, green…

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Sweet Chilli Beef, Egg Fried Rice and Stir Fried Veg - perfect meal combination!! This is super quick to make and only uses a few ingredients.

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Yummy slimming world spring rolls. Made with stir fry mix & quorn fried in soy sauce. Wrap around a cooked lasagne sheet, spray on some fry light and bake for 10 minutes! Delicious! NO SYNS! ❤️

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This Slimming World chicken stir-fry only takes 20 mins to rustle up and is pretty healthy too with plenty of stir-fry vegetables, light soy sauce and low-calorie cooking spray. This dish is cooked with rice instead of noodles but you can swap them for rice or egg noodles if preferred.Get the recipe: Slimming World's speedy vegetable and chicken rice

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Slimming world chicken chow mein 2 chicken breasts 8tbs light soy sauce 1tsp Chinese 5 spice 1/2 garlic powder Mix together and marinate for 20min Meanwhile cook 250g noodles Stir fry chicken and sauce for 4/5 minutes Add 1bag of stir fry veg stir fry for another 4 minutes Add noodles and add 2tbs dark soy sauce and 1/2tsp 5 spice Stir together for 3 minutes and ENJOY

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