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The ultimate mulled sloe gin recipe

The ultimate hot mulled sloe gin recipe - totally delicious | Growing Spaces


Sloe gin

This sloe gin recipe takes just ten minutes to prepare and anything up to three months to infuse. Sloes, the hard, blue-black fruit of the blackthorn, appear from the end of September/early October depending on the weather and where you live in the UK. If you can't wait until the first frost to pick them, store overnight in the freezer before starting the recipe.


Sloe Gin Fizz

If you've never had a sloe gin fizz, that is the empty part of your soul you keep crying about in the shower.


Sloe gin

Sloe gin recipe from John Wright: "My basic sloe gin recipe is extremely simple; no added flavourings such as juniper berries or almonds, just straight in the jar with all three basic ingredients."