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Sloop of War

USS Constellation is the last all-sail warship built for the US Navy and the last naval vessel active during the Civil War still afloat. Best known for its work fighting the slave trade, USS Constellation is now preserved as a museum in Baltimore, MD.

RARE PIN BADGE SLOOP-OF-WAR VOSTOK. “Vostok” (East) was a 28-gun sloop-of-war of the Imperial Russian Navy, the flagship of the First Russian Antarctic Expedition in 1819-1821, during which Faddey Bellingshausen (the shipmaster) and Mikhail Lazarev (the ship master of the second ship “Mirny”) navigated the globe, discovered Antarctica and navigated it twice, and discovered a number of islands and archipelagos in the Southern Ocean and the Pacific. #russian #rare #pin #badge #gifts #souvenirs HMS Beagle was this class of ship.

Whether you are serious scholar, a devotee of naval history, or just like a good book, Sloop of War does not disappoint. The amount of research done by author Ian McLaughlan and Derek Andrews, to whom the book is dedicated, is simply astounding. Inspired by a feeling that the literature was lacking on this unappreciated class of sailing ship, McLaughlan made it his mission to give the sloop its due.

Action Between U.s. Sloop-of-war 'wasp' And H.m. Brig-of-war 'frolic' by Richard Willis - Action Between U.s. Sloop-of-war 'wasp' And H.M.Brig-of-War "Frolic" 1812 by Richard Willis --for sale

Lot-3305-18: U.S. Navy sloop of war, USS Hartford (1859-1926), port view. Photographed by K. Loeffler, 1909. Courtesy of the Library of Congress. (2016/06/03).

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Joint Concept Note 1/12: Future 'Black Swan' Class Sloop-of-War: A Group System - Publications - GOV.UK