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This revolutionary pruning method will give you more fruit growing options, because nearly any deciduous fruit variety can be trained to stay compact. Learn how and when to prune fruit trees so that they’ll thrive, even in small gardens. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.


7 of the fastest growing fruit trees. It would be nice to have a fruit tree in our backyard to cut down on buying fruit at the grocery store.:

from HGTV

Plant a Tiny Orchard

Fruit trees work hard for their keep, providing a strong winter outline, a spring show of beautiful blossoms and a bountiful harvest in summer and fall. Here's how to choose and plant the right types for your garden.


One of the most popular new trends in gardening is growing indoor fruit and citrus trees. These small trees grow in containers and are specifically bred to grow indoors. Let s take a look at ten varieties of indoor fruit trees and a little information about each...

from Garden Therapy

The Art of Espalier: Growing Fruit Trees in Small Spaces

Espalier fruit trees - how to grow lots of fruit in a small space


Columnar Fruit Trees - these are pretty awesome. They only need 90cm between them, which means you can get a nice little orchard in a small space. I get a lot of fruit from mine.


very informative article about backyard orchards, planting, pruning correctly to keep trees small etc.


Cordon fruit trees at the West Dean Gardens. - I love this variety along the back fence for multiple different small fruit trees in one place. Espalier

from Better Homes and Gardens

How to Espalier

Espalier -- an old French way of growing trees on a horizontal plane -- looks and sounds complicated, but is actually pretty simple. While it takes a bit of extra time shaping them when they're young and keeping them pruned, but you can pack in apple, pear, or other trees you may not normally have room for.


plant fruit trees close together and keep them very small to increase production. Great tips here to grow lots of fruit in a very small space!