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1958 Motorola Portable Radio. This was the first time radios where small enough to take with you. It was absolutely revolutionary. People could not believe it, and EVERYONE had to have one to take to picnics or the beach etc. The technology became available because of the space race, and knowing they had to have small transmitters for the space capsules. Biddy Craft


Jensen Portable Bluetooth Music System with CD Player - Silver (CD-555A)

For B: Doesn't have to be this exact one, but this one is good. Want small/compact CD & radio player with plug-in to iphone ability. Clock would be bonus, this one doesn't have. Don't want anything too expensive. Jensen Portable Bluetooth Music System with CD Player - Silver (CD-555A)


Camp with it This portable battery pack holds 250 watt hours of power, which is enough power for you to run anything from camping lights, small fans, radios, or even a television. We aren't exactly saying you should bring a TV every time you go camping, but you could! Now you can see how versatile this battery pack truly is. There simply is no other battery back with this capability.


backpacking best small portable headphones radio am fm

A transistor radio is a small portable radio receiver that uses transistor-based circuitry. Following their development in 1954 they became the most popular electronic communication device in history, with billions manufactured during the 1960s and 1970s. Their pocket size sparked a change in popular music listening habits, allowing people to listen to music anywhere they went.

The Silent Butler

DIY this space-saving drop-down table. Just as well I refuse to spend $ 250.00 for some thing I could Make for 40.00 Bucks, And Less if I reuse lumber I get for free