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That moment when your parents call and are five minutes away and you need to tidy up your dorm room real quick? Keep all cleaning supplies within easy reach in storage bins and organizers: Clorox wipes for quick cleaning, a duster (because mom will notice), a small vacuum cleaner, storage bins for under-the-futon stash spots, some Febreeze to keep things smelling fresh and a fan to get that fresh air moving. Welcome, Mom and Dad!

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7 Broom-Closet Storage Solutions for Kitchens of Any Size — Organizing Ideas

The Garden Web: Make use of an extra nook in your home by adding in a freestanding cabinet like this one. You'll need to think vertically in order to have enough space for your brooms and cleaning supplies.


Shared by @novsunflower - "Complaining about how clunky, and how annoying my old vacuum was, my husband finally came home with the Shark Rocket Ultralight. Yeah, baby. It's not cordless, which I also wanted, but now that I have it, I kind of prefer having the cord. He reminded me that re-chargeable stuff starts to not work as well after a short time. It's better to be plugged right into the power!"


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Galen's work around 140 CE in Rome ended up being authoritative in Europe until the 16th century. Here the use of 'cupping' is shown. the technique of "cupping," creates small vacuums in heated cups to "draw the poisons out." This technique continues to this day in traditional folk medicine.


Building a Small Format Vacuumformer from an Old Toaster Oven