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The Best Motivationa The Best Motivational Water Bottles - Sports Eater Bottle -

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17 Clever Vegetable Garden Hacks

17 Clever Hacks for Your Vegetable Garden - Use a Water Bottle to Drip Water your Plants

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31 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

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Chicken boredom buster - treat bottle. Burn holes in the sides of a water bottle, fill with meal worms, scratch or other small treats. Hang for them to peck at and play with, treats will fall out of the holes.

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20 Easy Ideas for a Puppy Party on a Budget

Instead of juice boxes, get small water bottles from costco. Remove labels and replace with puppy duck tape. Then put a straw in each one with a donut!

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Homemade music shakers, by putting rocks or other small household items into used water bottles make shakers for music. Again, reusing old and household materials to make music.

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We see people on trails all the time carrying nothing but a small water bottle. Did you know there are actually ten essentials for survival that you are expected to carry in the backcountry? These essentials are supposed to apply even for short day hikes. Below, I’ve analyzed them as daypack essentials, with suggestions for what is necessary, what isn’t, and some small extras you can add to ward off many disasters on the trail.

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