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Mirror Sculptures to Make You Look and Look Again

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This image is perhaps almost to dark in its representation, although there is certainly a dark thread running through the novel. However this simplistic representation of smoke and mirrors might be better aimed at the more mature spectrum of a YA readership. However that said I think the blue smoke could work well with the castle turrets perhaps edging out of the top. with the text layers then on top and centered.

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This album is creative and distinct... Love imagine dragons forever, always a supporter of the three Dans and Ben.

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The best typography designs and typography we love | The Folk Shop Typography

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Real Ghost Stories - Real Ghost Stories

In the kingdom of Akaran, she couldn't tell who was doing the watching.

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Goodreads | Smoke and Mirrors (Smoke and Mirrors, #1) by Lillian T. MacGowan — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

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