Standard call out card back drop. Simple black white with touches of chosen highlight colour for graphics

(A/N: Auras appear smoky, though at first they're just a glow around the body. During the Rite, smoke also appears out of the skulls and consumes the thirteen-year-old. The smoke later forms their familiar.

I have no idea the source or the subject of this photograph, but it's beautiful in every way.

The implied vertical lines in this image force the viewer's eyes up along the contours of the neck and face, into the free moving smoke.

Introversão é dar tempo ao silêncio. Num mundo barulhento e exigente, a introversão é a virtude que nos ajuda a entrar em contato com o nosso eu puro e perfeito. Ela nos leva para dentro de nós mesmos e gentilmente nos faz reconhecer nossa própria verdade interior. Introversão não é apena permanecer dentro, mas acessar o valor próprio e lidar com o mundo através dele. Mesmo diante das situações mais difíceis, é preciso ficar introvertido, olhar para dentro e trazer à tona o valor interior…

sometimes her teleportation leaves behind a cloud of pink smoke (it would be more of a dark magenta color)

Instagrams by Brian Crippe #inspiration #photography

Brian Crippe is a talented self taught photographer based in Portland, Oregon, USA. He shoots a lot of street, urban, landscape and cityscape photography.

Stunning Instagrams by Bryan Adam Castillo #inspiration #photography

Bryan Adam Castillo is a self taught photographer based in Tucson,Arizona. He started photography about a year ago. Bryan shoots a lot of travel photography

"It was not burning, it was warming. He hadn't known fire could look this way. He had never thought in his life that it could give as well as take. Even its smell was different" (Bradbury 145).

The Balance Between Light And Dark: What Bipolar II Disorder Feels Like