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For more help with your eyes, continue reading at

For more help with your eyes, continue reading at

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gaspard ulliel smoking | smoking always makes me feel intrigue or more or less something like that..

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live in the desert and we wish that man the fast and swift success and fame he is looking for.

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I know Smoking is bad, but when Benedict Cumberbatch smokes i can't resist. I LOVE him so much, he's so adorable. [gif]

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Christopher McCrory at Supa Model Management is captured by Kimi Hammerstroem around her Notting Hill Home.

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Closed with Ashley and Kian) I hadn't told anyone but after my dad had came around I was pretty startled, you knew that far. What you didn't know is I had gone back to a bad habit I had, smoking, I was getting scared and stressed again so I go out back, where I was most likely to be alone and I light one. I was smoking it when you walk out. You see me and....

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Smoking is bad for you, but nothing sexier than a man with a cigarette in his mouth. I Love Shia.

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It's sucks that he smokes, that'll ruin his suave voice and body...and even worse that he looks so sexy doing it...BITTERSWEET!!!!!

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