I completely and utterly agree with this. People seem to forget that Snape was a bully too and arguably, a worse one than James because James may have bullied someone his age, but Snape bullied children. No one is denying that Snape was brave and integral to defeating Voldemort, but he was also a jerk to many people because he couldn't get over the past and a woman, who did not have feelings for him.

Sorry for language! But it's so true; people love Snape because he has the whole "always" line, but just think about him. He bullied kids. For fun and because he could. James may have bullied as well, but he ultimately did save his enemy.


Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From Severus Snape

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From Severus Snape - Page 2 of 2 Hahahahaaa, truly deep


"this pink thing" is what we should all call Umbridge from now on. xD And yes, THE SASS. <-- this pink thing - head cannon accepted.

The soulmate thing is the only one I have qualms with because your patronus can change. Tonks' changed when Remus and her were having trouble and I believe some others were said to change as well...

Just Some Harry Potter Facts Part 1

Just Some Harry Potter facts. The padfoot one almost killed me! How awesome would it be to have the dog that played Sirius Black! "My dog was in Harry Potter, no big deal"!

Haha, McGonagall being her awesome self! #PDsFavourites #McGonagall #Snape

20 Cute Googly Eyes Cat Prove You Don’t Have To Be Cute To Be Loved

I don't want someone to love me like Severus. He did truly love her but at some point it became obsessive. She was MARRIED with A CHILD for Merlin's sake! He always hated James. I understand he was a true hero but at the same time he was a villain. He needed to realize, to move on. Lily Evans would never love him like that. He even ruined their friendship. I want someone to love me like Lily loves James, the way Tonks loves Remus, the way Harry loves Ginny, the way Ron loves Hermione. True…

Well, I want Someone who loves me like James Potter loved Lily Potter (nee Evans). A match for My soul, not a copy (doe and stag not doe and doe). Snape WAS obsessed with Lily (not that I blames Him, she was like his only Happy thing in his life)

Oh, and here’s another period interaction with a male. | 21 Images That Prove Having Your Period Is Actually Really Funny

Oh, and here's another period interaction with a male.