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Background Slytherin is home for the holidays but luckily Snape is manning the castle. Merry Christmas!

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May the force be with you, always

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Oh, this makes me smile and want to cry all at the same time. Alan Rickman, you were a perfect Snape and the world of cinematography will miss you.

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My Life as a Background Slytherin

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I ALWAYS SOB WHEN SNAPE AND DOBBY DIE, whether it's while reading the book or watching the movie.

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#SlytherinSunday betches PS - last day to order a lil summin from my shop before it closes for Christmas! Deadline is midnight tonight GMT

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And this is proof of why I still have no love for Snape. And am annoyed and the film makers for painting snapes character in more positive light.

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Severus Snape. Harry Potter. This actually teared me up a little bit. @Heatherann Whistin

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