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Snickers Direct

why is it that all the beautiful ones are homicidal maniacs? Well...? Sherlock. Moriarity. Andrew Scott. Batman. Epic

from Etsy

Not Everybody can be Queen Some have to sit on the curb wave as I go by sign wood DIVA princesses and queen

Not Everybody can be the Queen Some of you have to sit on the curb and wave as I go by wood sign great for DIVA princesses and queen


12/05/16-HOUSTON - “I’m super sweet. Like the candy bar.” Please direct all Snickers adoption inquiries to

Snickers 2 x 3211 Kit Inc Snickers Direct TShirt, 2 x 9111 Kneepads A PTD Belt, 3211 Snickers Trousers

Basically, the USOC has decided that a group of people, VAGUELY organized by a non-profit, getting together in a spirit of friendly competition and togetherness to celebrate the spirit of olympics (and the olympics themselves) with their hard earned crafts is “denigrating” to “real athletes.” (yes, direct quotes). ::blinks::