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A new trailer for The King of Fighters XIV debuted during PlayStation Experience 2015 and with it SNK Playmore confirmed a number of new characters for the title, including Angel, King, Ralf, Kula, Billy Kane, and more.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves B. Jenet Fatal Fury Yujin Figure by Yujin. $79.99. Super sexy sculpting off the Garou: Mark of the Wolves Pirate!. Officially licensed by SNK Playmore.

from SNK Wiki

Kyokugenryu Karate

Kyokugen Karate (Japanese: 極限流空手, Extreme Utmost Limit Way of the Empty Hand) is a fictitious fighting style employed by several characters in the Art of Fighting and The King of Fighters games produced by SNK Playmore. Kyokugen Karate is primarily based on Kyokushin Karate and its famed founder, Ōyama Masutatsu.

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SNK Terminates Tommo's licensing agreement for NeoGeo X - beware used V337 units

A press release on the SNK Playmore website stated: Termination of the License Agreement between TOMMO Inc. and SNK PLAYMORE USA CORP. If you buy one on eBay be aware of the firmware version. has issues with the MegaPack's required updater.