"justin bieber?! why don't you just put a wig on a chipmunk and teach it to act like a black man???" -- justin timberlake during an snl skit. i mean bieber is talented but that quote is hilariously accurate.

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There are seven other people that look like Justin Bieber out there in the world... Well, we found 5!:)

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SNL Justin Bieber Calvin Klein commercial parody: Saturday Night Live aired a series of Calvin Klein underwear commercials mocking model Justin Bieber’s ‘manliness.’ Bieber (Kate McKinnon) literally points out the bulge in his conspicuously labeled XXS underwear. "My Calvin’s: clothes for my big wiener," the Biebs declares. #funny #tv #snl http://l7world.com/2015/01/snl-justin-bieber-calvin-klein-commercial-parody.html

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